End the Zionist Invasion of the Gaza Strip ! End the Zionist Genocide against the Palestinian People !

[Tala : Sa inisyatiba ng Communist Party of Greece (KKE), ang sumusunod na Pinagkaisahang Pahayag ng mga Partido Komunista at Partido Manggagawa sa buong mundo ay inilabas nitong Hulyo 2014. Ang Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930) ay isa sa mga sumuporta sa Pinagkaisahang Pahayag na ito.]

We, the communist and workers’ parties which sign this Joint Statement condemn the barbaric and criminal assault of the zionist state of Israel against the Palestinian people.

We express our full solidarity with the people of Palestine and we call on the workers all over the world to mobilize in order to strengthen the wave of condemnation against zionist Israel, in order for solidarity with the Palestinian people to be expressed in a practical way.

The USA also bears an enormous responsibility for these bloody developments, by supporting Israel in every way (particularly through the supply of missiles, bombs, warplanes, attack helicopters, drones and other armaments), in the continuation of the oppression and massacre of the Palestinian people.

The EU also bears responsibility, as it follows the line of keeping a so-called “equal distance” between the victim and the persecutor, and is simultaneously developing cooperation with Israel at military and politico-economic levels.

The communist and workers’ parties that sign this statement demand that :

1. Zionist Israel’s genocidal attacks against the Palestinian people must immediately be ended and condemned ;

2. Zionist Israel’s air raids and naval bombardments against the Palestinian people must cease immediately, and the zionist ground offensive in the Gaza Strip must immediately be turned back;

3. Zionist Israel’s occupation armies must immediately withdraw to the 1967 borders ;

4. All political prisoners must immediately be released from Israeli prisons ;

5. The “apartheid” walls built by zionist Israel to contain and divide the Palestinian people must immediately be demolished, and every form of blockade against the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip must immediately be lifted ;

6. The building of zionist settlements in Palestine must immediately be ended, and all the settlers that have settled beyond the 1967 borders must immediately be withdrawn ;

7. The right of return of all the Palestinian refugees to their homes, on the basis of relevant UN decisions, must be immediately respected and realized ;

8. All joint military exercises, and all agreements of military cooperation, with Israel must immediately be cancelled ; and

9. A Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, must immediately be established.