Greetings on the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of India (CPI

December 21, 2015



General Secretary


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Dear comrade :

            It is a pleasure for the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) to send warmest fraternal greeting to the Communist Party of India (CPI) on the occasion of your party’s 90TH Anniversary this coming 26TH of December, 2015.

As a fraternal party, the PKP-1930 joins you in paying tribute to the young Indian patriots and internationalists who braved imperialist persecution and came together in the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on December 26, 1925, to form the CPI for the purpose of freeing your country from British colonial bondage, and of struggling for socialism. Similar to the CPI, the PKP-1930 was organized in 1930 by young Filipino patriots and internationalists who were motivated by the need to free our country from US colonial bondage, and who were inspired by the Great October Socialist Revolution to struggle for a future of socialism.

Both the PKP-1930 and the CPI were born in the fire of the militant class upsurge of workers, peasants and other working masses in the 1920s, and have taken the path of revolutionary struggle for national and social liberation since then. The demands for national freedom, radical agrarian changes, electoral reforms, democratic rights, social equality and working class emancipation, are inscribed in the banners of both our parties. And both our parties have taken part in mass, electoral and armed struggles in different stages of our respective histories. Doubtless, the activities of the CPI during the British colonial period greatly contributed towards India’s attainment of national independence, and the enshrinement of the concept of socialism in India’s Constitution.

We salute the CPI’s internationalist contributions to the organization and functioning of progressive international organizations from the 1950s to the 1980s, particularly during the then tense periods of anti-war struggles. The PKP-1930 had the privilege of being acquainted with some leaders of the CPI who visited our country during the 1970s and 1980s, and who have shared insights on the most pressing international issues facing communist and workers’ parties, and all peace-loving peoples throughout the world.

In particular, a living treasure of the CPI, Comrade Romesh Chandra, was an inspiration for the peace movement in our country during the 1980s when he was the President of the World Peace Council. Another CPI leader, Comrade Chitta Biswas (now deceased), kept our party abreast of developments in national liberation movements, and of international solidarity activities, at around that same period when he was the Deputy Secretary-General for Asia of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization. During the 1980s, CPI publications (particularly “New Age” and “Party Life”) were much appreciated for keeping our party informed about developments in India, and about the struggles of the CPI and of progressive trade union, peasant, women, youth, student and other Indian mass organizations.

We highly value the CPI’s continued important role in India’s national, state and local governments ; and  the CPI’s consistent support for diverse struggles including those of women, dalits, minority communities and ethnic/tribal groups aspiring for equal empowerment. The CPI’s campaign, since its founding, for Hindu-Muslim-Sikh unity, had truly enriched India’s national integrity. Even today, the CPI’s struggle against the divisive forces of communalism and the hindutva communal-fascist ideology --- as represented by the present Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and RSS ruling circles --- is a firm defense of republicanism, democracy, secularism, and all the positive gains of post-independence India.

We hail the CPI’s efforts for the unification of the Communist movement in India on the basis of Marxist-Leninist principles, so that the Communist movement will become an even more important constituent of India’s democratic alternative. The CPI’s 90 years of struggle and sacrifices is a great contribution to the worldwide struggle against imperialism and for peace and socialism, and we wish every success for the early realization of the CPI’s vision for a casteless and classless society, free from oppression and exploitation.

                                                                                                With communist greetings,

                                                                                                ANTONIO  E.  PARIS

                                                                                                General Secretary, PKP-1930