Greetings to the 10th Congress of the Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España (PCPE)

June 2, 2016
Head of the International Area
Central Committee
(Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain)
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Dear comrade :
Through you, the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) sends warmest fraternal greetings to the 10th Congress of the Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España (PCPE, the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain) to be held in Madrid, Spain, on June 10 to 12, 2016, under the slogan “Strenghtening the Party, Organizing the Revolution”.
We hail the PCPE's struggles against the participation of Spain in the EU and NATO military operations of looting in Somalia, Mali and the Central African Republic ; and against the use of Spanish military bases as key points in the transport of NATO aggressor troops to countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Indeed, the Spanish ruling regime has become an enemy of a good part of humanity for tolerating and encouraging NATO military interference in other countries, and for benefitting from the looting of their natural resources and the savage exploitation of their populations.
We salute the PCPE's calls for the Spanish workers to struggle for their rights ; to do away with the monarchy ; to strongly denounce the aggressive and interventionist character of Spanish capitalism and its puppet governments ; to expose the lie about the alleged recovery from the crisis while more than 4 million people remain unemployed in your country andmillions more survive on what can only be considered by European standards as poverty wages ; to take in their hands the course of their own lives ; and to build a new, sovereign and peace-loving country that would abandon the imperialist structures of looting and plundering, and initate a newcourse in international relations based on mutual support and cooperation, and not on aggression and war.
We support the PCPE's aspiration to build a different country, where the working majority would rule the economic and social life, and where no one would lack the resources to meet their needs –- the aspiration to overthrow bourgeois power and to build workers' and people's power, to build socialism.
We also salute the PCPE's firm solidarity with the liberation struggles of the Palestinian, Saharaoui and other colonial peoples ; with the struggles of the Arab peoples against the US-led imperialist aggression and campaign of terrorism ; and with the struggles of the Venezuelan and other Latin American peoples against US interference and regime-change subversion.
Finally, we hope that your 10th Congress will bring more strength to help develop the PCPE into a more powerful engine in the struggle for a socialist revolution in Spain.
With communist greetings,
General Secretary