Message of Condolence and Sympathy over the Calamity Wrought by the April 25 Earthquake in Nepal.

April 28, 2015



Communist Party of Nepal,

Unified Marxist-Leninist (CPN-UML)

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Esteemed Comrade :

Through you, the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) would like to extend its condolences to the bereaved families, and sympathies for other affected victims of the tragic 7.8-magnitude earthquake which struck your country on April 25, 2015.

            It is with deepest pain that we continue to monitor reports of international news agencies on the immensity of the grave calamity wrought upon your people and country. Reports have it that this could be the worst calamity in your country’s history, killing at least four thousand, injuring tens of thousands, and affecting the homes of at least 7 million people in the 29 districts which have been declared by the Nepali government as crisis zones.

News reports also have it that, but we hope not, the death and injury toll may still rise as more information is gathered by government rescue workers who are now able to penetrate mountain villages that have become isolated due to the widespread damage to roads and major infrastructures. As a people who have also suffered earthquake devastations that periodically visit the Philippines, we can imagine the privations of millions of the Nepali people still cut off from all food supply and communication in isolated villages. With the present cold and wet weather in your country, we can also imagine the intolerable situation of the Nepali people whose dwellings were destroyed, especially the children who suffer most in any calamity.

The damage across your country is truly staggering, and we can also imagine the immensity of the death and injury toll suffered by members of the CPN-UML, as well as of the destruction wrought upon the facilities and properties of the CPN-UML. We salute the herculean efforts being undertaken by your Party under these shocking circumstances --- particularly the search, rescue and rehabilitation work being exerted by cadres of your party in all parts of your country.

Our thoughts are with you and your people at this trying period when all able-bodied members of your Party are mobilizing every effort to help save lives, assist the survivors, and alleviate the misery of others affected. The Philippine government is dispatching a modest medical relief team to Kathmandu, and we hope that governments of Nepal’s neighboring countries will immediately increase their rescue and relief assistance to reach all the direly-affected areas of your country.

We hope too that the United Nations will be able to expeditiously deliver an appropriate amount of international aid for Nepal, including for infrastructure reconstruction, and that the Nepali people will be able to overcome their grief very soon.

With warmest regards and all the best wishes.

                                                                                                Very sincerely,

                                                                                                ANTONIO  E.  PARIS

                                                                                                General Secretary