Message to Shiso-Undo of Japan on the Occasion of International Women’s Day


( PKP-1930 )

(Philippine Communist Party)

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                                                                                                March 2nd, 2015


Chairperson of the Executive Committee

for International Women’s Day Rally


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Dear Comrade :

The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) sends warmest fraternal greetings to all participants of the rally to be held by Shiso-Undo Katsudoka Shudan in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015.

Your rally is very significant as it is to be held amidst the complex international situation, when capitalism in its highest stage of development --- imperialism --- remains mired in deeper systemic crises. To prolong its rule over many parts of the world, and to satisfy its insatiable desire for super-profits, imperialism in turn breeds fascism and militarism, and is launching more wars of aggression in the Middle East and other parts of Asia, as well as in Africa.

Imperialism is also provoking conflicts in Eastern Europe, such as through the fascist coup in Ukraine and the propagation of cold-war russophobia in many countries which used to be part of the former USSR and the former socialist community. Latin America also remains a target of imperialist provocation, such as through coup attempts against the duly-elected Maduro government in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The instigation of conflicts and war by imperialism is fraught with dreadful consequences for the whole of humanity. In particular, the tense situation in the Ukraine --- with the USA pushing NATO and the European Union to confront Russia and to facilitate the basing in the Ukraine of US nuclear missiles manned by US military personnel --- could lead to nuclear war. Also, the creation of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) by US covert forces, with the assistance of zionist Israel, Turkey and all the despotic Arab monarchies, has now turned into a monster threatening many parts of Asia and Africa.

At present, there is an overt and very apparent conflict between IS and the imperialist camp in the Middle East --- similar to the so-called “blow-back” by the earlier Al-Qaeda group against the USA and its related interests. However, the fact remains that the IS is covertly being used to push for the realization of the “Greater Middle East” plan of US imperialism and Israeli zionism. Under this plan, every sectarian or ethnic difference is to be exploited to divide the peoples of the Middle East and set them in turmoil and strife --- Sunni versus Shia, Arab versus Farsi, Muslim versus Christian, Kurd versus Turk, etc., etc. The end result is to finally balkanize or fragment all the Islamic countries from the Maghreb Region to Iran, and turn them into smaller sub-states or ruined statelets which would all be pliant to imperialist dictates, and whose resources would all be controlled by imperialist transnational corporations.

So despite the apparent conflict now between IS and the imperialist camp, the IS is conveniently being used to divide and destroy Syria, Iraq, Libya and the Lebanon. Not surprisingly, many former affiliates of “Al-Qaeda” have now sworn allegiance to IS and are sowing more mayhem in more distant places such as in Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and even in the Autonomous Region of Moslem Mindanao (ARMM) in the Philippines. IS and many other jihadist groups created and nurtured by imperialism are also making insidious attempts to gain a foothold in the Islamic regions of the Russian Federation and of the People’s Republic of China.

The IS is of course well known in Japan, primarily for the recent beheading of 2 Japanese nationals who were captured and held hostage by the IS in Syria. Of special concern to all women in the world is the fact that IS and all jihadist groups (Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, etc.) are avowed enemies of women’s rights. They are against the concept of women’s equality --- against equal education, against equal property rights, against equal employment and compensation, against the equal exercise of basic freedoms. Many women in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan who previously enjoyed equal rights under secular regimes are now terrorized by the jihadists into dropping from schools and employment, and to donning the hated face and body veils.

It is therefore significant that the cause of women’s rights is on decline in many parts of the world --- in the Middle East and parts of Asia and Africa where imperialist-nurtured jihadist forces are gaining strength, and in the former USSR and former socialist community where the return to capitalism has meant the loss of many rights and privileges that women enjoyed only by virtue of the socialist system. Since the unfortunate overthrow of socialism in the former USSR and the former socialist community, there have been deep declines in the number of women in parliaments and leading government positions, in enterprise management, in high professions, and in cooperative and trade union leadership. Only Cuba, which has steadfastly maintained the socialist system despite the pressures of imperialist subversion and blockade, remains the world’s beacon when it comes to women’s equality, rights and privileges.

In Japan and other imperialist countries, economic stagnation has also meant the stagnation of women’s rights. Capitalism, in its desire for more super-profits, always needs a large “reserve” army of labor --- the unemployed and underemployed who are mostly women --- to keep wages down, to keep workers meek and loyal to their exploiters, and to push the competition of workers with their fellow workers even to the point of “karoshi” (death from overwork). Japan’s peculiar and archaic “tenno” (emperor) and oligarchic zaibatsu systems which glorify “divine” lineage, male chauvinism, peerage and conquest, also culturally weigh down the struggle for women’s equality and rights, as well as the overall struggle for workers’ emancipation, in Japan.

Capitalist economic stagnation --- due to overproduction and a glut in the local market --- is usually addressed through foreign economic and military expansion. This is the reason why the very reactionary Shinzo Abe regime is now trying to force a national referendum for the amendment of Japan’s constitution in order to legalize the overseas deployment of Japanese military forces for so-called “collective self-defense”. The Abe regime is pushing for the resurgence of Japanese militarism as a main partner in the USA’s “Asian NATO” alliance which at present is directed mainly against the People’s Republic of China. Under this alliance, the Abe regime is also expected to justify the continued presence of US military bases in Japan, as well as the continued nuclear power reliance of Japan.

Of course, the Abe regime’s drive for the resurgence of Japanese militarism is opposed by the peoples of Asia, particularly in those countries which were invaded and occupied by Japan during World War II. The Filipino people can never forget the horrors and sufferings brought about by Hirohito’s fascist forces during the more than 3 years of Japanese military occupation of our country in World War II. In this regard, we salute the Shiso-Undo Katsudoka Shudan for your commemorations in Japan this year of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism and Militarism.

Under the present situation of the international crisis of capitalism, women in the Philippines suffer from more grinding conditions. Poverty has graver effects on women and children. The neo-colonial system imposed in particular by US and Japanese imperialism in the Philippines provides far less job opportunities, less pay, and worse working conditions. The minimum wage, occupational standards, and maternity benefit for women workers are openly violated in many enterprises.

As a result of unemployment and poverty caused by the neo-colonial system imposed on our country, many Filipino women are forced to take on dangerous jobs as maids or domestic helpers in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East ; as “entertainers” in Japan ; and even as “mail-order brides” for nationals of South Korea and some other countries. This shameful “export” of our women as modern-day slaves is a result of the neo-colonial system which constricts the government’s educational, health and social services for the masses ; which restricts independent industrialization that can create widespread job opportunities ; which keeps wages depressed while allowing prices to be inflated ; and which in general perpetuates our miserable living conditions.

Our Party therefore views the women’s struggle in our country as an integral part of the struggle against imperialism and the neo-colonial system, the struggle for national liberation and working class emancipation. In a neo-colonial county like the Philippines, the women’s struggle is closely linked with the people’s struggle for national independence, peace, democracy and social progress. However, in a worldwide context, the struggle of women for equality, rights and privileges is closely linked with the struggle for the overthrow of capitalism and the building of socialism. For truly, human experience in the past century --- since the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 --- has shown that women’s equality, rights and privileges can only be realized under socialism.

The common struggle of Filipino and Japanese women for women’s equality, rights and privileges, as well as the common struggle of the Filipino and Japanese peoples against US and Japanese imperialism, need closer cooperation between the progressive forces --- the forces which strive for the building of socialism --- in our two countries.

The PKP-1930 wishes the Shiso-Undo Katsudoka Shudan every success in the holding of your International Women’s Day rally. We hail your plan to turn your rally into a platform to oppose the Abe regime’s proposed amendment of the pacifist provision of Japan’s Constitution ; to oppose the revival of Japanese militarism ; to  dismantle and remove all US military bases and forces in Japan ; and to cultivate proletarian internationalist consciousness among the Japanese workers aimed towards the building of socialism in Japan.

            Long live the anti-imperialist solidarity of the working peoples of the Philippines and Japan !

            Long live world peace !


                                                                                    With communist greetings,



                                                                                    (Mrs.) SALVACION  M. CORPUZ

                                                                                    Secretary for Education, PKP-1930