No to Fascism and War in the Ukraine ! (Resolution of the Council of the Union of Communist Parties of the Former USSR.)


[Tala : Sa harap ng kaguluhan sa Ukraine na gawa ng mga neo-fascists na namamahala ngayon doon, nagpulong sa Moscow nitong Hulyo 10, sa inisyatiba ng Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), ang mga kinatawan ng mga partido na dating kabilang sa Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). Ilan sa mga nag-ulat rito ay ang mga pinuno ng CPRF (Gennady Zyuganov), CP of the Ukraine (Petr Simonenko), CP of Belarus (Igor Karpenko), CP of Georgia (Timur Pipia), CP of Azerbaijan (Rauf Kurbanov), at Party of the Communists of Transnistria (Vladimir Voronin). Ang kasunod ang napagkaisahang Resolusyon ng pagpupulong na iyon.]



Today the so-called “new world order”, established by the USA and its accomplices in the NATO aggressive bloc at the beginning of 1990s, is growing into an open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary circles of oligarchic capital – of neo-fascism. To feed the greediness and filibusterism of US and West European financial tycoons, humanity has to pay a horrible price – with hundreds of thousands of dead and disabled people, with blood and endless sufferings of people in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, Syria and the Ukraine.

Neo-fascism covers its mean and abominable crimes against the world, as usual, with cheap demagogy about democracy and human rights, tolerance and “common human values”.

The aim of the new-sprung “world governors” is to break the will of peoples, and to destroy the countries that are still able to resist their dictatorship. Towards the final disintegration of the republics of the former Soviet Union and their enslavement, as well as for the isolation and further territorial partition of the Russian federation, US secret services instigated an armed coup in Ukraine in February 2014. With the help of their neo-Nazi henchmen, they split the country, plunged it into an atmosphere of chauvinist intoxication and terror, organized the tragedy of the “Odessa Khatyn” (massacre), and unleashed a full-scale fratricidal war in the Southern and Eastern regions of the republic.

The main object of the hounding and violence is the Communist Party. Burnt down premises of its central committee as well as of its regional branches, monuments to Lenin that were demolished in a barbarous way, the lynching of the leader of the Lvov regional Communist leader Rostislav Vasilko by a mad crowd, the introduction of a bill to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine and even the symbols of the former USSR – these are all evidence that neo-fascism has taken extreme and most barbaric forms.  What happens is a return to the practices of the hitlerite executioners.

We, the representatives of 17 fraternal Communist parties of the former Soviet Union have to remind today the leaders of the left parties of the NATO member-states of the outcome of the (1939) Munich conspiracy and its consequents for Europe and the world. We are calling on them to immediately stop the punishment and hounding of those who are fighting against the revival of fascism. We are addressing the World Peace Council, the World Federation of the Trade Unions, the Women’s International Democratic Federation, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, the International Federation of Resistance Fighters – Association of Anti-Fascists, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, as well as all anti-fascist, national liberation, left, socialist, democratic and other progressive forces to stop a new offensive by the brown plague that can only lead to an international military conflict and catastrophe.

In a united front, we must rebuff further NATO expansion ; stop its brutal interference into the internal affairs of Ukraine and other countries ; and put an end to anti-constitutional attempts to ban the activity of the Communist Party of the Ukraine. We are launching an international solidarity campaign : “No to fascism and war in the Ukraine !”

All the outrageous crimes of fascism against the Ukrainian and other peoples are just evidence of the refusal of imperialism to face the laws of history. The USA is choking in its global aggression against humanity. Trampling all principles and legal standards of international law, and sowing chaos in all corners of the planet, the USA is placing itself into a military, political and economic hole from which it won’t be able to get out. That is why we consider the imperialist model to be fated to unavoidable defeat (although the grave threat remains that imperialism may drag the whole world to nuclear destruction).

We stand for a broad unifying movement of all peoples of the former Soviet Union, without exception. Our Union of Communist Parties will resolutely repulse any action aimed at undermining international solidarity, at instigating disagreements within in our ranks, at propagating sectarianism and national exclusiveness. We shall stand by, and defend, our comrades who are in prison and who are being prosecuted.