The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) held its 13TH National Congress on November 7, 2008, at the main hall of the Club Royale Resort in Malolos City, the capital of Bulacan Province, just outside Metropolitan Manila. The occasion also marked the Party’s celebration of the 78th Anniversary of its public proclamation in 1930, and of the 91st Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

            The Congress reviewed the Report of the 12th Central Committee on the 5-year activity of the Party since the 12th Congress held on  August 26, 2003 ; and approved the Political Resolution on the International and National Situations, as well as the Party’s Program for an Independent and Democratic Philippines. The Congress also approved slight amendments to the Party Constitution, which remains based on the Party Constitution approved by the 10th Congress held on November 7, 1993.

            The Congress was attended by 420 delegates representing all national Party departments, as well as all the territorial Party committees from Northern Luzon to Southwestern Mindanao.  A special guest was Cuban Ambassador Jorge Rey Jimenez, who relayed the greetings from the Communist Party of Cuba. A message of greetings from the Communist Party USA was also read. The Congress was also warmly welcomed by government officials of Malolos City and of the nearby municipality of Bustos.

            The Congress elected the members and alternate members of the 13th Central Committee. The 25 regular members of the 13th Central Committee in turn elected the 11 regular and 2 alternate members of the Political Bureau. The regular members of the Political Bureau elected the Secretariat, and Comrade Pedro P. Baguisa was re-elected General Secretary.

            The Congress also elected 9 Party veterans as honorary members of the 13th Central Committee. The 13th Central Committee then elected 5 of these Party veterans as honorary members of the Political Bureau. Among those elected as honorary members of the Political Bureau were Comrades William Pomeroy and Celia Mariano-Pomeroy, who are known figures in the international communist movement.

                                                                        International Relations Section

                                                                        CC, PKP-1930

Attached photos :

  1. A view of the 13th Congress.
  2. The presidium of the 13th Congress.
  3. Cuban Ambassador Jorge Rey Jimenez relaying the greetings from the Communist Party of Cuba.
  1. Electing the new Central Committee.
  2. Elected members of the Central Committee taking their oath before Party veterans.