PKP-1930 Celebrates the 84th Anniversary of its Public Launching, and the 97th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (GOSR)

           The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) celebrated the 84th anniversary of its public launching, and the 97th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, with a meeting of around 350 members and some 20 guests at the Casita de San Jose Resort in Bustos town, Bulacan province, on November 7, 2014.

            The PKP-1930 was formally organized in Manila by leaders of trade unions and peasant associations on August 26, 1930, the 34th anniversary of the launching of the 1896 Revolution against Spanish colonialism. The party was publicly launched at a massive rally at Plaza Moriones, in the heart of Manila’s working class district of Tondo, on November 7, 1930, which was the 13th anniversary of the triumph in Russia of the Great October Socialist Revolution (GOSR). The party’s founding on the anniversary of the Philippine revolution against colonialism, and its public launching on the anniversary of the GOSR, symbolized the party’s twin principles of patriotism and internationalism.
            In a speech, the party general secretary, Comrade Antonio Paris, recalled the 6 main aims enunciated by the party at its public launching on November 7, 1930 : total national independence ; the dismantling of US imperialism in the Philippines ; the defense of the rights of the working masses against all forms of exploitation ; the forging of the unity of Filipino workers and peasants in the struggle against reformism and opportunism ; solidarity with national liberation movements and socialist countries in the struggle against colonialism and the world capitalist system ; and the building of a socialist state in the Philippines governed by our working masses.
            Up to now, these aims remain unfulfilled. The Philippines remains a neo-colony manipulated by US imperialism in the economic, political, military, cultural and other fields. National unity remains weakened by pro-imperialist rebel and secessionist groups which are being used to undermine national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The government remains captive in a debt trap, and remains pliant to dictates of the WB, IMF, WTO and other imperialist institutions.
The people are continually fed with illusions that progress can still be attained by maintaining the present neocolonial capitalist system, and even fed with blatant lies about the benefits of privatization, business deregulation and import liberalization. Mass media is even flooded with lies about the world situation, with Syria and Palestine demonized ; with the terrorist US-NATO-Israeli axis projected as the bulwark of the “war-against-terror” ; and with the truth about the imperialist creation and nurturing of the “Islamic State”, “Al-Qaida”, “Al-Nusra” and other fundamentalist terrorist groups hidden from view.
      Under the present situation, even more efforts need to be exerted to realize the party’s lofty aims, and the GOSR should be held even higher as the main inspiration in our struggles. The GOSR brought to reality mankind’s dreams of freedom and social justice, proving that the transfer to the whole people of the ownership of the means of production will end unemployment and inequality, and make more available the people’s basic needs.
The GOSR opened for humanity the new epoch of socialist revolutions --- where peoples everywhere are advancing the struggle for socialism in order to realize free education, free medical and child care and other social services, including sufficient wages and affordable food, housing, electricity, water and other utilities. Only socialism brought about a culture of collectivism and fraternal assistance, and of diligent care for the aged and those with disabilities. It is this culture that is being nurtured in Cuba and other remaining socialist countries, as well as in the socialist-oriented countries which are members of the Bolivarian Alliance in the Americas (ALBA)
In closing, Comrade Paris called for greater militancy in the struggle for national democracy and socialism in our country, through active leadership in the day-to-day struggles of the different sectors of the working masses for their rights and interests. He also thanked all the comrades and guests who came to join in this celebration, particularly those comrades who made special sacrifices in making the long and costly trips from the distant Cagayan Valley and Bicol regions.
            At this celebration, the PKP-1930 also received messages of greetings and solidarity from several mass organizations, as well as from a formation of several groups which have earlier bolted from the local maoist movement.