Solidarity with the Protesting People of Kuwait.

[Tala : Sa inisyatiba ng Democratic Progressive Tribune of Bahrain, ang sumusunod na Pinagkaisahang Pahayag ng mga Partido Komunista at Partido Manggagawa sa buong mundo ay inilabas nitong Hulyo 2014. Ang Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930) ay isa sa mga sumuporta sa Pinagkaisahang Pahayag na ito.]

Statement of solidarity with the protests of the Kuwaiti people
against corruption and the call for political reform and democratic system

We follow with serious concern the suffering of the Kuwaiti people and their political forces which were severely repressed by security forces through the use of tear gas bombs, rubber bullets and beating, during peaceful demonstrations demanding political and democratic reform, and against corruption and stealing of public money amounting to billions of dinars. The demonstrations also condemned the conspiracy to link up Kuwait with the Zionist enemy, made by the former prime minister and former president of the National Assembly who were protected by the Kuwaiti authorities.

This situation has led to dozens of arbitrary arrests of peaceful and unarmed participants, and injuries of varying severity among the crowds of the demonstrators. We hold the Kuwaiti authorities responsible for the excessive violence, and we demand the immediate release of all detainees. The Kuwaiti authorities must listen to the demands of the Kuwaiti people and the political forces for political and democratic reform, and end the methods of tyranny. We hold the government and the security forces responsible for the safety of the injured participants, including women and children who were prevented from getting first aid treatments.

We call on international organizations to express solidarity with the peaceful protesters in Kuwait.